The municipality of Savukoski is located in the Eastern Lapland. Our neighbouring municipalities are Sodankylä, Pelkosenniemi and Salla. Savukoski shares a border with Russia, which stretches 65 kilometers in length. Our coordinates are 67° 17′ 30″ N, 28° 9′ 40″ E.

Savukoski is one of the most sparsely settled regions in Europe. There are 12 times more reindeer than people here.

The magical Korvatunturi (“Ear fell”) is situated north to the Urho Kekkonen national park, in the middle of large wilderness areas. The coordinates are 68°04′25″N, 029°18′55″E. Cover picture: Irene Erkkilä.

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savukoski – far away, but not out of reach

Train goes from Helsinki by way of Oulu and Rovaniemi to Kemijärvi, where you can find a bus connection to Savukoski. The closest airports are in Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Kuusamo and Ivalo.

How to get from the center of Savukoski to the Korvatunturi? Getting to the top requires some work, namely acquiring the border zone permit and traversing 28 km in the wilderness. There is a way to see the Korvatunturi without going to the border zone, for example in Korvatunturi’s Murusta. 


Information about Korvatunturi

Everybody knows that Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and a plethora of elves live in the mysterious Korvatunturi. “Does Korvatunturi actually exist?” is a common question Santa and his helpers receive on their travels. “By my beard, sure it does!” Santa responds. “The majority of municipality of Savukoski is uninhabited Land of the Korvatunturi.” Learn more

Life in Savukoski

What do the local folk do? Do they live in igloos? Come and find out what the life is like for someone living in the Land of the Korvatunturi. Learn more

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about the number of Santa’s reindeer, the availability of Savukoski’s services or transportation? Ask away, we shall answer! Here you can find answers to some questions. You can also send us your own question by using the question form. Learn more

Send greetings to Santa

Do you want to send mail to Korvatunturi? Traditionally it can be done via the post office, you simply write the following address: Joulupukki ja Joulumuori, 99999 Korvatunturi-Savukoski. Nowadays the majority of paper mail goes first to the Arctic Circle to the Santa Claus Main Office for preliminary sorting, but don’t worry, all letters are are opened and read for sure. You can also use more modern methods of communication and leave a message electronically. The Internet elves help Santa and Mrs. Clause to handle the messages. Learn more

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