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How many reindeer Santa owns?

Reindeer is a semi-domesticated animal, living mostly in the wilderness and the exact number is impossible to say. Santa’s reindeer live mostly with the 12 000 reindeer of the Kemi-Sompio reindeer herders’ association. There have been sightings of Santa’s reindeers in other herders’ associations of Savukoski as well. 

Can I go to Korvatunturi?

Absolutely. Korvatunturi is located at the border of Finland and Russia, in the Urho Kekkonen National Park. In order to get to the fell, you must travel through the wilderness, but if you have felt the call of the wild within you, it is not an impossible task. However, you do need a border zone permit from the Border Guard to get to the border zone.   

Can I see anything during the polar night?

Even though there is not a lot of sunlight during the polar night, we have plenty of white snow that reflects light from the moon and the stars. When the moon shines bright, it is possible to read a newspaper outside! During the darkness the northern lights often appear, filling the the firmament with their colorful dancing or green glow. 

When can I see the midnight sun?

You can see the midnight sun, also known as the nightless night or polar day, from early June until early July. Nights are not dark during the summer.


Is there hotel accommodation in Savukoski?

There sure is. In Savukoski village you are served by the Wilderness Hotel Samperin Savotta, where you can find both hotel rooms and cabins.

I don’t want to go to hotel nor wilderness hut, what to do?

There are many companies providing cabin accommodation in Savukoski region. Room accommodation and campsite is also an alternative. You can find a listing of the accommodation providers…

We would like to camp in the wilderness. How can we find the wilderness huts and lean-tos, where we could bunk?


Where is the closest grocery store?

There are two grocery stores in Savukoski village, K-Market Heinäjärvi and Sale. In Tanhua you are served by K-Market Hietala. 

Is there a pharmacy in Savukoski?

You can find a pharmacy from the village at the Osuuspankki commercial estate. In the village there are other services as well, including: two grocery stores, kiosk, pub, veterinarian, hairdresser, gift shop, service station, machine shop and restaurant..

We're coming to Savukoski on a motorcycle. Where is the nearest gas station?

There is a gas station, SEO Korvatunturi, at the side of Soklintie in the Savukoski centre. You can also purchase fuel in Tanhua, in K-Market Hietala.

You can also ask for fuel from Tulppion Majat and Kairijoki Eräkeskus in the case of emergency. These locations don’t have official fuel distribution points.


Where is the closest train station and how can I get to Savukoski from the train?

The closest train station is in Kemijärvi, you can find the timetables here: You can continue from the Kemijärvi train station by bus to Pelkosenniemi and from there to Savukoski in a taxi. Taxi must be booked previous night by 18 o’clock. With all the taxi connections the car must be booked advanced from the Korvatunturi Taksi Oy tel. 040 730 6484  

Passengers pay the equivalent to the bus fare. 

Taxi by invite timetables are as follows:
mon – thu Pelkosenniemi 11:30 – Savukoski 12:10

fridays Pelkosenniemi 17:55 – Savukoski 18:35

sundays Pelkosenniemi 19:40 – Savukoski 20:10

Weekdays one can travel the Kirkonkylä and Tulppio and Kemihaara stretch in a school taxi.

The ride must be arranged in advance, Kemihaaran Taki tel. 040 592 6547

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