Everybody knows that Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and a plethora of elves live in the mysterious Korvatunturi. “Does Korvatunturi actually exist?” is a common question Santa and his helpers receive on their travels. “By my beard, sure it does!” Santa responds. “The majority of municipality of Savukoski is uninhabited Land of the Korvatunturi.”

Where is Korvatunturi? How can one get there?

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Ear marks of the Ear fell

Coordinates: 68°04′25″N, 029°18′55″E

Height: 486 m

Location: At the border of Finland and Russia, in the middle of wilderness, in the Urho Kekkonen National Park in Savukoski.

Shape: Compared to the other fells of the region, the tops of the Ear fell are sharp. Looked from a distance they look like the ears of a fox or a wolf. There is a good reason for this odd shape: these ears can hear even the smallest whispers carried by the north wind.

Korvatunturi - Korvatunturi - Savukoski

How to get to the ear fell?

The distance to Korvatunturi from the nearest municipal center of Savukoski village is 135 km. By car you can go all the way to Kemihaara, the gate of Urho Kekkonen National Park. From Kemihaara you must continue on without a car, through the national park, in order to reach the Ear fell. Many a traveller has done this either by walking or by skiing. 

The most secret parts of the Ear fell, the private area of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, are not open to visitors. The secrets of Christmas must be protected, and we must guarantee that the elves have a peaceful working environment! You can leave a message to Santa and Mrs. Claus by signing a guest book, which is located on the top of the fell, at the shelter-hut of the border patrol. 

Good to know when planning a trip to Korvatunturi

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local guides can help

In winter you can explore the Ear fell on a snowmobile operated by a local tourism entrepreneur. For instance, Hotel Samperin Savotta and Korvatunturin retket organizes unforgettable wilderness tours.        

border zone permits

If you want to go all the to the Ear fell, you need a border zone permit. Local guides can take care this for you, or you can get it yourself from www.raja.fi, www.suomi.fi or by ordering the permit from The Lapland Border Guard District offices. Permit is free of charge, and you can add several people to one permit. Permit is for short one-time visits to the Ear fell.

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marked trails

From Kemihaara a marked trail (18 km) starts, leading to the shore of the Ear fell, which offers a great view to the fell. Along the trail you can stay in the Vieriharju wilderness hut or in the Rakitsanoja kammi. The Ear fell trail is so-called tourism service route, which makes it possible to organize permit based skiing tours that are supplied with snowmobiles. This route doesn’t lead to the Ear fell, which is located in the border zone, which means you won’t need border zone permits to enjoy the rugged silhouette of the Ear fell. 

You can find a trail, used by the border patrol and the reindeer herders, from the shore of the Ear fell, which leads to the fell itself.  

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