Savukoski is located in the Eastern Lapland. Our neighbouring municipalities are Sodankylä, Pelkosenniemi and Salla. The best way to get to here is by car, but of course there are other options as well.

Travel by bus

When it comes to public transportation, the bus will bring you all the way. Check out the timetables from the websites of the operators. Please note, we have taxi transfer service available.

Travel by train

The closest train station is located in Kemijärvi. Hop aboard the night train and travel comfortably. There is a connection available by bus and taxi from the Kemijärvi train station to Savukoski.

Travel by plane

The closest airports are located in Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo and Kuusamo. From the airport you can continue by rental car, bus or arrange transportation with the entrepreneurs.

Taxi by invite

Taxi by invite operates in Savukoski. You can continue your bus trip from Pelkosenniemi onwards in a taxi with bus rates.

Schedule 1.1-31.12.2023

1) 7:00 Savukoski - Pelkosenniemi Mon-Fri

2) 10.50 Pelkosenniemi - Savukoski Mon-Fri (connection from the train, Wed to Martti and Fri to Kemihaara / Nuortti)

3) 14:35 Pelkosenniemi - Savukoski Wed

4) about 20:30 Pelkosenniemi - Savukoski Sun

5) 9:00 Martti - Savukoski Wed

6) 12:00 Savukoski - Martti Wed

7) Friday Pelkosenniemi 10.50 - Savukoski 11.25 - Martti - Ruuvaoja - Tulppio 12.30 - Kemihaara / Nuortti 13.00

8) Friday Kemihaara / Nuortti 13.30 - Tulppio 14.00 - Ruuvaoja - Martti - Savukoski 16.30

9) Savukoski – Pelkosenniemi Mon-Fri (connection to the train from Pelkosenniemi)

You can take a taxi at bus prices.
The invitation must be booked by 6 pm the night before:
Mika Peltoniemi Oy tel. +358 400 589 090.

Distances to Savukoski

Pelkosenniemi 43 km
Kemijärvi 95 km
Salla 82 km
Rovaniemi 175 km
Sodankylä 90 km
Helsinki 950 km

Distances within the Savukoski municipality

Kemihaara 106 km
Tanhua 45 km
Korvatunturi 135 km
Kuosku 14 km
Kivitunturi 14 km
Lunkkaus 15 km
Tulppio 80 km
Värriö 25 km
Martti 26 km

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