What do the local folk do? Do they live in igloos? Come and find out what the life is like for someone living in the Land of the Korvatunturi.

Sources of livelihoods

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Thriving countryside

Reindeer husbandry, hunting and agriculture and forestry are the cornerstones of thriving countryside. About 37% of the economy of the municipality is based on these livelihoods.

Reindeer husbandry also has a major cultural significance. There are three reindeer herding cooperatives in the region, the largest being the biggest in Finland, Kemin-Sompio, where Santa Claus gets his reindeer.

The tertiary sector is the largest sector of economy in the region with 58% share. The biggest employer is Savukoski municipality. The biggest employer is Savukoski municipality. Metsähallitus and tourism also employ locals.

Day care and education

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day care

In the municipality of Savukoski day care is provided by the new family day care center, which provides full time and part time day care. Evening, night-time and weekend day care is also possible.

Basic and secondary education

The Korvatunturi School and Savukoski Secondary School provide a safe start for the school journey from the preschool all the way up to the moment the white cap is put on.

Liberal adult education

The study groups of Kemijärvi community college operate in the locality. High-quality music lessons are available via the Koilis-Lapin musiikkopisto.

Many hobbies to choose from

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hobby groups

During your free time it is possible partake in all sorts of hobbies. There are hobby groups and events available for all ages. From youth organizations Partiolippukunta Korvatunturin Kävijät has weekly activities, camps and trips. VPK offers activities to kids and young adults. Savukosken MLL is an active player in the matters of children and families with kids.

Rösölänperän Ruppanoiden acting troupe and Savukoski choir offer cultural hobbies to the fans of performing arts. Eläkeliitto offers activities for seniors. You can experience the joy of exercise for instance with the Savukosken Kuohu and Korvatunturin Pallo. Other active clubs of the area offer many opportunities to participate in the life of the municipality.

Relationship with nature

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activities in nature

The local people have a close relationship with nature. Changing seasons provide the rhythm of life in KorvatunturiLand. In summer people pick berries and fish, in autumn is hunting season and during winter ice-fishing is popular. The gifts of nature enrich the cuisine and are a source of pride. The wilderness culture is strong in Savukoski region.

The changing amounts of natural light has an effect on people’s inner rhythm. In summer, when the midnight sun shines bright it feels like the need for sleep decreases. In winter, during the polar night, daylight is a sparse commodity but the pure snow, the moon and the starry sky with the occasional northern light here and there create a unique atmosphere and color scheme.

When questioned the local youth will tell that the close proximity to the forest and nature are the best things in the area.


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Joint parish with neighbor Pelkosenniemi

Pelkoseniemi Chruch was separeted from the Sodankylä Church with the decree of the Finnish senate in 21.1.1916. Similar decree gained independece to the Savukoski Church, which joined Pelkosenniemi in 1931. Church is at the border of Russia.

Church has two workstations: Pelkosenniemi Church, parish home, which houses the parish office. Savukoski has a border church/work station. There is a cemetery in both places.

The wall of the Savukoski church is decorated with a wooden relief carved by sculptor Upi Kärri.

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