Midnight sun and Northern Lights

Enchanting natural light of Lapland offers experiences every season.

The sun doesn’t set in summer, during the dark you can see thousands of stars and magnificent Northern Lights

At the north side of the Arctic Circle we get to enjoy the nightless night and the midnight sun, which is also known as polar day. This means that the sun doesn’t set at all in the Savukoski during the midsummer period. The famous midnight sun has a peculiar effect on people. Some are so enchanted by the bright summer nights that they need less sleep. Soft and magical light of the summer nights inspires the mind, and many fabulous photos have been taken because of it.   

During the dark period of polar night it is possible to see a different kind of light phenomenon in the sky, the dance of sky fires across the starry-rich northern sky. Far from the light pollution you have great opportunity to spot auroras. The aurora season starts in September and ends in March. Weather conditions and solar winds have a say whether we see the northern lights. Different types of aurora alerts are useful, but still the best way to observe is by looking up with your own eyes. If you’re planning to photograph auroras, you should familiarize yourself with night photography, set the camera ready, and make sure you have enough warm clothes on.    


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