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Reindeer husbandry provides a cycle of life in the KorvatunturiLand. Come and explore this trade.

Did you know this about reindeer husbandry?

Reindeer husbandry is a traditional livelihood of the Arctic peoples. Throughout the ages the reindeer has provided food, transportation and material to clothes and tools. Without the reindeer, life in the North would have been difficult. The cultural and economic significance of reindeer and reindeer husbandry in the region cannot be overstated. 

The cycle of life for the reindeer herders revolves around reindeer husbandry, even though the majority of the reindeer live in forests and fells. The newborn calves, which are born in spring, get marked with the ear tag of their owners in summer. In summer hay is made for the reindeer winter food. When the autumn comes around, lichen is collected. Eventually the reindeer get corralled into open-air pens; some will live, some will not, such is the way of life in the North. Reindeer meat is an ethical choice. 

In the KorvatunturiLand the whole family takes part in the reindeer husbandry. At the reindeer fence you can see prams and small babies in carry bags. The cultural heritage is transferred from one generation to the next conveniently while working.

Tourism adds a new wrinkle to the reindeer economy. In reindeer safaris customers are taken to nature on a sleigh without any smoke or pollution. Reindeer farms offer opportunities to meet the reindeer up close and personal in a safe and controlled manner.     

When you are driving and see a reindeer, you should slow down immediately. If an accident occurs, reindeer herding cooperative is notified either directly or via police or reindeer herder. Assessor arrives to the scene of the accident, writes a report and notifies the relevant reindeer herder.  

Reindeer herding cooperatives of the region
Historical locations related to reindeer husbandry 
  • Vintilä’s old separation fence and the camp ruins  
  • Saarivaara’s separation fence in Tanhua

Other attractions

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