Historic house museum Puistola

Experience the charms of the yesteryear and a slice of Savukoski history. Museum collection, changing exhibitions and enough space for events and parties.


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Historic house museum Puistola

Puistola is a surviving example of the Eastern Lapland’s architecture from the reconstruction period. Municipal manager and farmer Väinö Halonen build the house, barn and sauna to his family in 1947 after returning from the evacuee.   

Puistola was turned into historic house museum and opened in 1998, when Savukoski municipality also received Hurrikas award from the Province of Lapland’s association of building tradition for renovating Puistola’s buildings. 

Downstairs of the main building have been decorated in the style of the 50s, following the original décor when possible. There is a small local history museum upstairs of the house and Rösölänperä elementary school in the changing exhibition’s chamber. The barn building also has exhibitions and museum artefacts.   

It is possible to held different types of events during the day in the historic house museum. House is equipped with electricity, fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker, electric kettle and hotplate. Water comes from the nearby hydrant in summer. Rent for the entire day is 60,00 € and for events under 4 hours 30,00 €.   

The admission to Puistola is free. You can buy books, cards and other small souvenirs from the small museum shop (payment in cash).

Puistola opening hours

Open by reservation only. Inquiries to Savukoski municipality’s cultural department tel. 040 5749239. 


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