The Salpa Line

The northern endpoint of the single biggest infrastructure project in Finnish history, the Salpa Line, is located in Savukoski.



The Salpa Line trail at the edge of the village centre

The Salpa Line dates back to the Second World War as it was built during the time of Interim Peace, and during the peak activity it employed 35 000 men and 2000 Lottas. The Salpa Line is a combination of anti-tank obstacles – made of huge boulders (6000-7000 kg, 3 m³) – rifleman’s cells, lookout stations and machine gun posts, which were made of wood and stone.

The reconditioned duckboard trail of Salpa Linja starts from the resting place of Sarvilampi, from Savukoski to Salla via road 1,5 km. The trail follows the anti-tank obstacles. Two fortresses have been wholly restored: Finnish guard post from the 1940 and German look-out and machine gun post from the 1944.

The total length of the trail is 1,2 km, duckboards 0,8 km. There are benches along the trail so you can sit down and take a break.

Outdoor difficulty rating: Easy


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