Nature trail of Kivitunturi

Beautiful and diverse sights of Kivitunturi await the travellers. Trail is interesting also because of its history and geology!

Day trip destination in the vicinity of Savukoski’s village centre

The length of the trail is 5,8 km, it takes approx. 2,5 hours to finish it in a leisurely pace. At the midpoint the trail diverges and hikers who want more length and challenge can go to the Sotonportti extra lap, which is 4 km in length. The nature trail and Sotonportti extra lap are so clearly marked that there are no danger of getting lost. The water in the streams and ponds is drinkable.    

The many vantage points along the trail offer great views, in good weather you can see far away. The trail varies and is mostly easy to traverse, the trail has several stairs and duckboards. The crossing of Pirunkuru (“The Devil’s Draw”), which is done by utilizing a suspension bridge, adds extra spice to the trail. It is possible to make a campfire and rest along the trail. Äitipetäjälampi is at the midpoint of the trail, it has a lean-to, two campfire sites, outhouse and a log shed. There are 11 information boards about the nature of Kivitunturi along the trail.     

Outdoor difficulty rating in the basic trail: Medium

Outdoor difficulty rating in the extra lap of Sotonportti: Demanding

driving instructions

From the centre of Savukoski drive 3,7 km towards Pelkosenniemi. Follow the sign on the right and turn to Kivitunturi. Continue along forest road for 10 km, then turn left to the Hiihtomaja (“ski lodge”). The rest of the way is narrow and during winter not plowed. 

Kivitunturi’s ski lodge sleeps comfortably 6 people. There is a well, a sauna and a campfire site outside the lodge. The lodge is rented by the Savukoski municipality.   

Metsähallitus is responsible for the maintenance of the Kivitunturi’s nature trail.

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