The fell landscapes mesmerize. Two pole-marked trails lead to Nivatunturi, which is located at the border of Savukoski and Pelkoseniemi municipalities.



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Nivatunturi’s hiking trail is absolutely worth visiting. Outdoor difficulty rating is demanding, but the length is suitable for a day trip, approx. 2,5 km to one direction. It’s the steep nature of the trail and block-sized angular rocks that make it demanding. The trail doesn’t have duckboard or stairs and it’s marked with poles. At the top of the Nivatunturi you can find old firewatcher’s shack, outhouse and shed. You should bring your own firewood if you desire to make a campfire as there are not a lot of firewood present. 

The firewatcher’s cabin has a stove and a bunk. Bring plenty of drinking water with you as there is no water supply points along the trail. The magnificent fell landscapes reward the hiker. There are nice spots where to set up your tent at the top of the fell.

You can get to the starting point of the Nivatunturi’s trail from Savukoski near Lunkkaus by driving to the endpoint Materoseläntie (10 km). The road is in poor condition at certain sections so make sure you car has enough road clearance. The alternative route goes through Matalaisentie from the Pelkoseniemi side. Drive Matalaisentie approx. 16,5 km until you reach the beginning of the trail. This road is longer, but slightly better.     

The total length of the trail is 5 km. A fabulous day trip destination to observe the landscapes and admire the midnight sun or autumn colors. In the beginning of the aurora season it is surely a great place to watch the northern lights dance across the firmament.   

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