War history attractions

Are you interested in war history? There are many war history attractions in Savukoski reminding the posterity of the previous events.

Examples of war history attractions in Savukoski

The Salpa Line
The biggest infrastructure site in Finnish history, Finland’s Salpa, has its end point in Savukoski, near the village center. Anti-tank obstacle was built during The Interim Peace in 1940-1941. The Salpa Line walking trail, which was renovated in 2017, is suitable for the entire family. 

Monuments of Kuosku
The monument commemorating the victims of partisans is located in the village of Kuosku along the main road.  

Monuments of Seitajärvi
The partisans of the Soviet Union destroyed the village of Seitajärvi at the end of the Continuation War in the summer of 1944. Seitajärvi has two monuments. Professor Ensio Seppänen designed the monument for the victims of the partisan attack, and it is located on the westside of the village. It was unveiled in 1979. On the southeast side of the Seitajärvi, in Paavonmaa, about four kilometers from the village, is the monument dedicated to the people who died in the partisan attack. It was designed by the villagers of Seitajärvi.  

The monument of Savukoski White Guard hall
The White Guard of Savukoski and Lotta Svärd’s Savukoski chapter operated in Savukoski White Guard hall in 1926-1944. Located at the site of the destroyed White Guard hall is a memorial plaque. It’s in the plot of the current Kisakartano in Savukoski village. The plaque was unveiled in 18.7.1998.

Heroes’ Cemetery of Savukoski
The monument for the fallen soldiers of Savukoski is located in the village cemetery. The statue was designed by professor Ensio Seppänen, and it was unveiled in 1962. The cemetery also has a monument, designed by pastor Veikko Lindberg, dedicated in the honor of those who lost their lives during the evacuation.

The monument of Erillisosasto Sau
The former garrison area of Saunakangas, at the bank of Kemijoki river, is a location for the monument of Osasto Sau.


Other attractions

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