Culture of forest Laplanders

Culture passed on from generation to generation can be seen in lifestyle and handicraft traditions.

Cultural heritage transmitted by the ancestors

Savukoski is part of the old Kemi-Lappi region. Here you can find many ancient sites, which are signs of the old Sami settlements. Originally the people in the region were gatherers, hunters and fishers, and even today these are popular activities. As the time went on deer hunting shifted to reindeer husbandry, which is an important source of livelihood both culturally and economically. The reindeer have made living in the Arctic possible: food, transportation, material for clothes and tools. The cycle of life has been determined by the reindeer husbandry and the changing seasons. 

Right near the village center, behind the Visitor center Korvatunturi, by the river Kemijoki is the old sieidi (sieidi rock) of Kallioniemi.

ancient sites
  • Mukkala’s graveyard of the Lapps, north of the Luirojoki river
  • The fields of Kurisia and Keijitsa, trapping pits, fish field and sieidi rock in Seitajärvi
  • Lappish settlement in Nuorttijoki
  • Lappish winter village location in Pihtilampi and Martti 
  • The Sillankorva settlement from stone and early metal age in Kuosku 
  • The bases of goahtis and trapping pits in Tulppio
  • Stone age settlements of Tanhua, Kuosku, Kuissuvanno, Sokli, Seitajärvi, Viitaranta, Purnumukka and Pattasniva near Kemijoki.

There is a special exhibition highlighting the Lappish handicraft tradition in the lobby of Hotel Samperin Savotta. There are fur shoes and leather works, among other things. Free of charge.


Other attractions

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