The river Nuortti with its canyons invites the hiker and fisher alike.



See the rugged landscapes and canyon of Nuortti

Nuortti’s hiking trail is located at the Urho Kekkonen National Park, in the gorgeous wilderness landscape of the river Nuortti. You can circle around the river, making the whole loop around 40 km long.

Nuortti is known for its canyon, rugged fells and forests, which create a proper wilderness atmosphere. The trail is marked with red signs. You can find four wilderness huts and bookable cottages along the trail or in it’s close vicinity. All cabins can be found either at the beginning of the trail or at the last leg of the journey. There are also many types of lean-tos present. At the southern side of Nuortti you can find the renatable cabin of Hirvashauta, as well as the wilderness hut of Saiho. At the northern side there are rentable cabin of Kärekeoja, wilderness hut of Mettopalo and rentable cabin of Karhuoja. More information about renting a cabin here.

Making a fire is only allowed in certain places, like at the rentable cabins. Please use firewood conservatively so that others can make a fire as well. Making an open fire is not allowed during a forest fire warning. There are about twenty campfire locations along the trail.

The river Nuortti flows into the Lake Notozero in Russia, where several types of fish  rise – such as trout and grayling – into the river. The river area is one of the rare places where the fish populations replenish themselves, fish stocking is not necessary. The hiking trail offers a wonderful opportunity to combine both hiking and fishing. 

Savukoski is about 100 kilometers away from the start of the trail. The easiest way to get there is by car.

Outdoor difficulty rating: Demanding



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