The diverse Arctic nature and the light that changes strongly with the seasons creates magic also through the lens.

Nature photography mesmerizes

Fall foliage, northern lights, spring snowdrifts, midnight sun. The ever-changing and mystical light of the northern sky brings variation to the photography environment. Whether you’re taking photos of landscapes, plants, northern lights or animals in nature, you will find interesting topics every season. There is plenty to explore in the form of constructed attractions as well for the photographer, especially in the form of historical attractions.      

The easiest way to start photography is with a camera phone, major investments on equipment are not necessarily required. In the current age of social media the importance of taking and sharing pictures is highlighted. Be a part of the region’s story by tagging all the hiking and nature photos you’ve snapped here with the following hashtags: #savukoski and #visitsavukoskikorvatunturi

Popular destinations for nature photography are the regions’ abundant riversides, the beautiful scenery of Kivitunturi’s hiking trail and of course Santa’s Korvatunturi fell in the Urho Kekkonen National Park.  


Other activities

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