Snow sliding

Both children and adults can experience the thrill of speed in the sled hill!

Where to find the closest snow slide?

In the KorvatunturiLand there are snow slides crafted by the nature all over the place. When choosing a location for snow sliding, you should consider several things, the most important being safety. 

You should only snow slide in locations that have been proven to be safe, where there is no obstacles. Also, remember to check the condition of the sled before you commence the activity. The speed accelerates quickly when you start from the top of a hill and the total distance might be several kilometers! 

Before sliding down the river bluffs the ice situation must be checked carefully beforehand. Children should snow slide only when the adults are present. Oh, the thrill of speed!  

From the opposite side of the school in the centre of Savukoski you can discover the location of the legendary snow slide Tönölä, the children’s favorite. There are no official and maintained snow slides in the village. 


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