Camping and hiking

Travel your own paths or follow the signposts: enjoy, see, experience. There is something for everyone in the nature of Savukoski.

Before You Embark On A Journey

When planning a hiking trip, you should always study the destination beforehand. Announce to someone the planned trip and timetable. Acquire proper equipment, pick your clothing and other equipment based on weather conditions and the destination. Remember to respect nature and protect it, do not litter. Do not set up a campfire during the forest fire warning. Prepare that you mobile phone may not have proper connection. 

Urho kekkonen national park

The popular marked trails of the national park provides great opportunities for hiking year-round. In the Savukoski side of the park hiking should be started from Kemihaara or Tulppio. Several different types of wilderness huts and other buildings have been built for hikers. The wilderness portions of the park do not have marked trails, exception being Nuortti’s hiking trail and the ancient Ruijanpolku. There are some sturdy trails in the most popular hiking trails and especially between huts. Even though moving in the national park is not restricted, we recommend the usage of the existing trails. You must have a map and a compass, and know how to use them. The national park’s customer service points serve and give advice on matters related to the region. In Savukoski you are served by Savukoski visitor center Korvatunturi

korvatunturi’s hiking trail

Kemihaara is located in the northern part of Savukoski municipality, 107 km from the centre of Savukoski to the north. There is a marked hiking trail from Kemihaara in the UK-park to the Korvatunturi’s murusta. The one-way distance of the trail is 18 km. In winter the trail is very skiing-friendly if you utilize the tracks created by the snowmobiles. If you want to reach the Korvatunturi, you must get the necessary permits from the Border Guard in advance. Korvatunturi is located in the border zone of Finland and Russia, and you can only move there while in the presence of the border guards.

Korvatunturi’s trail is so called tourist-service-trail, where it is possible to organize skiing treks that are supplied by snowmobiles (permits necessary). Along the trail you can find one place to make a campfire, and there are also the wilderness hut of Vieriharju and new Kammi in Rakitsanoja. In the Murusta of Korvatunturi there is also a place to make a campfire. Murusta has the Pole of Peace, celebrating the idea of world peace.      

Local companies organize guided tours to Korvatunturi. In winter it’s possible to get to the Korvatunturi with a guide on a snowmobile.  

Outdoor difficulty rating: Medium

nuortti’s hiking trail

In the northside of Savukoski, ahead from Tulppio, in the wilderness section of the UK-park, flows the Nuorttijoki river. The marked trail in the rugged landscape of Nuorttivarsi is about 40 km long. There are campfire sites along the trail, lean-tos and wilderness and reservation huts. Furthermore, there are two observation decks with breathtaking views.   
“Nuorttijoki river is the most spectacular sign of the ice age in the region, attracting both fishers and hikers alike.”  

Outdoor difficulty rating: Demanding

Kivitunturi’s nature trail

Kivitunturi’s hiking trail is a wonderful day trip destination for the entire family. It presents a diverse view of the fell nature of East Lapland. 

Outdoor difficulty rating for the 5,8 km basic trail: Medium

Outdoor difficulty rating for the Sotsonportti’s 4 km additional lap: Demanding

Check the location on Google Maps

Samperin’s railroad

Samperin’s railroad hiking trail commences from Tulppio and its other endpoint is located in the restored Jänesoja pump station. The total length of the trail is 9 km, 2 km being duckboard. Along the trail you can spot old buildings and constructs dating back to the early 20th century’s logging boom. Along the trail there are two campfire sites and a shed lavatory in Suttikämppä.       

Outdoor difficulty rating: Easy

Angelvaara in TANHUA

Explore the history of firewatching in the beautiful surroundings of Angelvaara. Angelvaara’s trail, about 6 km in total length, goes through the lower Angelvaara’s wooded surroundings. There is a dazzling view to every direction from the top of the Angelvaara (height 335 m). Old firewatcher’s shack can be found along the path, operating today as a wilderness hut. The shack has a WC and a firewood storage. At the beginning of the trail there is a campfire site. There are duckboards in the wet swamp-portion of the trail. 

Driving instructions: Head from the village of Tanhua 2,5 km to the direction Savukoski, then turn left to the forest road and drive approx. 2, 5 km. Take a right to the forest road that will lead you to the campfire site. 

Outdoor difficulty rating: Demanding. Trail has steep climbs, slippery when it rains.   

Markkinaseljä’s trail, Tanhua

There is a marked trail (length 5,5 km) that starts from the Tanhua village and goes to the top of the Markkinaselkä. At the top you can enjoy great views of the swamps and forests below. At the end of the trail there is a goahti with firewood and a toilet. Return same way back. The start of the trail is located in the village of Tanhua, at the lumberjacks’ row house. Another trail (length approx. 3 km) goes from the Tanhua-Savukoskitie, a little before Härmivuotsonoja, at the end of the forest road turning to the right. 

Outdoor difficulty rating: Easy

nivatunturi’s firewatcher shack

The shack can be found at the border of Pelkosenniemi and Savukoski. A path, marked by poles, leads up to it and is accessible both through the Matalaisentie and Materoseläntie. The pole-marked path starting from Savukoski can be accessed by driving to the direction of Pelkosenniemi to the Materoseläntiehaara (right at the border of the municipalities) and from there to Materoseläntie about 10 km. There is a signpost at the end of the road guiding you to the shack. Slightly better roads starts from Perälä, where it turns to Matalainen. Go 16,5 km and there is a signpost on the right side of the road. Both directions of the marked-path are about 2,5 km in length.  

Outdoor difficulty rating: Demanding


The restored Salpalinja duckboard trail starts from the Sarvilampi’s resting place, the road going from Savukoski to Salla 1,5 km. Trail follows anti-tank obstacles. Two fortresses have been wholly restored: Finnish guard post from the 1940 and German look-out and machine gun post from the 1944.      

The total length of the trail is 1,2 km, duckboards 0,8 km. There are benches along the trail so you can sit down and take a break. 

Outdoor difficulty rating: Easy


Other activities

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