Ice fishing

During the late winter the sun starts to make appearances in the sky and the people go ice fishing!

Finding a proper spot for ice fishing

When the winter turns ice fishing season begins. When the weather is good, it is common to take the entire family to enjoy the sun and the thrill of fishing. A fish you caught yourself is a nice addition to your diet and local food at its finest. 

When going to ice fishing, it’s important to wear warm clothes and know the fishing waters. The ice situation can change rapidly, for instance because of the currents, so when moving on ice safety must be a priority.  

Ice fishing is by and large considered to be part of the general fishing rights, meaning it’s part of the “everyman’s rights”. Ordinarily ice fisher or angler don’t need any fishing permits. However, ice fishing is not allowed everywhere. These areas include, for instance, rapids and streams where salmon and whitefish dwell, as well as places where ice fishing and angling is specifically prohibited. 


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