The age-old hunting culture is still alive. From the nature's food court you can find everything from fowl to big game.

Hunting in Savukoski

Hunting is a centuries old tradition in Savukoski. Back in the day the livelihood of the entire family depended on the hunting of game, and those were the days when hunting skills were respected.

Even now, despite the forest industry’s usage of the forests, the game’s living conditions have remained good in the wilderness areas of Savukoski. Savukoski can be considered an ideal place for hunting with bird dogs, because the natural conditions are excellent. The visibility in the terrain is hundreds of meters due to to the lack of tall trees. On the other hand, it means you have to move more carefully, which increases the excitement of hunting.    

The capercaillies of our ancient forests provide a good challenge even to the experienced hunters. For hunters with or without dogs there are willow ptarmigans in the municipality. The black grouse has been a relatively rare game, but now the black grouse stock has started to grow.

The wilderness areas of Savukoski have always been the home of the big game too. Bears are caught yearly, and their stock is growing. Elks are part of the diverse animal kingdom of the forests and thus valuable prey. The most important fur-bearing animals and small predators are martens and foxes.    

Savukoski declared itself “Finland’s Spitz municipality” based on its sturdy hunting traditions and great bird dog conditions in 1998.


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