Enjoy the refreshing effects of hot sauna. Book sauna for private use or bathe during the public sauna shifts.

What would Finland be without Sauna?

Sauna is an essential part of Finnish culture. Almost every household or housing company have a sauna. Saunas can also be found in swimming baths, spas, hotels, summer cottages and wherever people lodge.    

In Savukoski you get to enjoy sauna either by booking a private sauna session or by going to the men’s or women’s sauna during the appropriate sauna shift. 

Public saunas can be found in accommodation establishments and cabin villages. You can find saunas for example in the centre of Savukoski in the following locations: Hotel Samperin Savotta, Joulumuorin tupa, Herrala and Loma-Joosula. In Loma-Joosula, in connection with their lakeside sauna, there is also a bathing tub available and in Samperin’s lakeside sauna it’s possible to practice winter swimming. In Kairijoki wilderness center there is a public sauna available every night! Tulppion Majat also provides a hot sauna experience, allowing you to freshen up properly. Check the prices and the opening hours from the websites of the companies.   

There are saunas in the wilderness cabins, located in the Urho Kekkonen National Park, which have a user charge. You can pay when making the reservation or by mobile phone. Check the payment instructions online.  

Some wilderness cabins have open saunas. Remember to leave the place looking nice with plenty of firewood available for the sauna elves and other travellers. 


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