Skiing and ice-skating

Skiing will set you free! In Savukoski you can create your own path or use skiing tracks for cross-country skiing.

Magic of winter by skiing

Savukoski offers plenty of opportunities for trek skiing. The great terrains of Urho Kekkonen National Park and Kemihaara wilderness area can be accessed easily through Kemihaara. A local company, Kemihaaran Loma, makes trails for the wilderness area of Kemihaara. There is not an official network of trails, instead there are several separate trails spanning from 3 kilometers to approximately 10. Kemihaara has even longer tracks.     

Illuminated ski trails can be found, for instance, from the centre of Savukoski and the villages of Martti and Tanhua. There are two illuminated trails in the Savukoski centre, Mukkavaara trail 6 km and the centre’s up-and-down illuminated trail approx. 3 km. Trail map attached.  

Hotel Samperin Savotta rents skiing equipment. 


Skating is possible after the cold season begins. At the yard of the school centre, in the Savukoski centre, there is an illuminated hockey rink and a skating booth to put on the equipment. 

downhill skiing

The closest skiing centers are located one hour drive away in Salla, Pyhä and Luosto.


Other activities

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