Enjoy the numerous rivers on a canoe. For those needing canoe route maps, equipment and transportation, you can find information here.

Great canoeing trips

In the Savukoski region there are several wilderness style rivers great for canoeing, and their total length is several hundred kilometers. An exciting world opens up in the river valley. Canoeing can be practised safely with well-equipped canoes and kayaks.

Rivers, where canoeing is possible, are mostly easty: rapids are mostly class I and therefore perfect for beginners too. Rivers that can be used for the entire paddling season are for example Kemi-, Tenniö-, Kairi-, and Värriöjoki. The conquest of the Kemijoki can be started from all the way in Kemihaara. In Kairijoki the Ylätammi-Permantovaara is a great place to start. Rest areas, including goahtis and lean-tos, have been built along the Kairijoki and Kemijoki rivers.

Other waterways where canoeing is possible, like Luirojoki flowing in Tanhua, may have areas where canoeing is impossible in the dry summer months. Above the village of Tanhua is Saarikoski, class II rapid, but during the flooding it becomes more difficult to paddle.

The rapids of Nuorttijoki are classes I and II. When exiting the river you have to paddle upstream. Entering the border zone without a permit is forbidden.

Ala-Arajoki, starting in Värriöjärvi, is a very fast river. Maltiojoki flows at the borderlands of Savukoski and Salla municipalities all the way down to the Tenniöjoki. It’s possible to paddle in Pyhäjoki, which flows to the Tenniöjoki, even during the normal conditions.

With the help of the attached map links you can explore the canoeing maps of Kemijoki. Below you can find a list of local companies that provide their services to paddlers. You can inquire equipment for rent as well as transportation services from them.


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