Observing nature

A changing of seasons, plants and animals provide many interesting targets for observation.

Nature provides something to observe year-round

The unique seasons provide something different to observe year-round. Temperatures can change between winter and summer over 80 C. Many weather based natural phenomena, from the formation of the ice in the waters to the first snow and cold temperatures, provide plenty to observe for the locals. Weather has an effect on many daily things, such as clothing and the agriculture. 

Observing animal behaviour will always provide signs of the things to come. When will the red grouse change the brown summer suit to the white winter getup? Has the fur of the rabbit changed colors? Surely the first snow is not far away.   

Watching the migratory birds, the winter feeding of birds and bird ringing are one part of observing the nature. Have the swallows arrived yet? When will the common cuckoo cuckoo the first time? 

There are plenty to observe in the plant world from spring to autumn. When the spring rolls around the plant kingdom comes alive. Species after species lift their heads, grow and change their appearance as the autumn approaches. Berries ripen. When was the first ripen cloudberry discovered? The emergence of berries and mushrooms in the forest heralds the coming of autumn. The leaves begin to change color, fall foliage appears in brushwood. The new winter is soon coming.   


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Anna palautetta